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DevelopMEvent 2017


SmartReading: Fast and visual reading

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Date(s) - 30/11/2017
12:30 - 14:30



Do you recognise this?
While you are reading, you keep ‘thinking’ or ‘saying aloud’ the words you read. You keep checking what you have read. In the meantime, your thoughts keep wandering off.

Avoid this through Smart Reading, visual reading in a brain-friendly manner
Visual reading allows you to read and remember several lines or even paragraphs at once. Visual reading applies to the optimal use of both halves of the brain. The ‘talking’ reading will largely be replaced by visual reading, which is far more pleasant and less strenuous.


  • You will effectively read twice as fast
  • You may even read several lines or word groups at once
  • You will less often read the same words or lines twice
  • You may also start to vocalise (talk aloud during reading) less

You will not only be taught the smart-reading theory but also practise it so you can immediately experience how it works. Participants must bring their own informative book without too many pictures to the workshop.

The workshop is led by Paul van der Velde, founder and instructor of Smart Reading. He is the author of ‘Smart Reading, read a book per hour’. During the workshop, Paul will explain the principles of the smart-reading method. Besides learning the theory, you will also directly apply the method to find out for yourself that it works.

For further information, check www.smartreading.nl



Bookings are closed for this event.