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DevelopMEvent 2017


Your core qualities and career

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Date(s) - 30/11/2017
12:30 - 14:30



For most people knowing what their core qualities are and being able to use and express them in their work is a strong source of inner motivation and self-confidence.

Core qualities can be described as  typical personal characteristics or traits. They form a positive potential that is at your disposal to use in work and other activities. In this workshop you will explore your core qualities by doing creative exercises and then be challenged to translate your insights into steps you can take to stimulate your career. There will be room to exchange ideas with your fellow participants.

Some questions to tackle will be:

  • What are my core qualities?
  • How often do I use my core qualities within my work?
  • Could I use them more often and/or more widely in my work than I do now?
  • In what kind of situations and how? What steps could I take to start using them more widely?
  • What would that mean for my personal career?

Trainer: Caroline Rehbach


This event is fully booked.